More than a quarter of a century of experience

Speedline Direkt

Whatever, wherever.

Speedline Direkt is our Formula 1 solution for time-critical freight of all kinds. Whether urgently needed components or spare parts, hazardous or perishable items, we take our inspiration from a simple geometric principle: The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.
Or as we like to say: The fastest connection between pick-up and destination for your goods - whatever they might be - is Speedline Direkt. Guaranteed.

Speedline Cargo Direkt for time-critical cargo without any special requirements.
Speedline Gefahrgut Direkt for hazardous materials.
Speedline Thermo Direkt for pharmaceutical and refrigerated shipments, such as sensitive vaccines.
Speedline Aircraft Direkt for special shipments over long distances, including personal monitoring and notification if required.